Charity Support

Charity Support

Supporting Charities

We feel strongly about giving back to the community and have some chosen charities which we support as much as we can. Find out more about the charities we support below – and please feel free to donate if you would like to help too.

For Christmas 2017, our first full year of trading, we made donations to several different charities who do fantastic work with the homeless and under privileged children.

Shoe Box Appeal

Sadly it is estimated that there are currently 307,000 people sleeping rough, or accommodated in temporary housing, bed and breakfast rooms, or hostels in the UK – an increase of 13,000 over the past year.

The Administration Team wanted to help the homeless be more comfortable for the winter and to enjoy some Christmas good will at this precious & poignant time year of.

As a company we supported the charity by putting 12 back packs with essentials to the equivalent of £480.

Under Privileged Children

Each year charities like the Salvation Army & Family Action, whom we chose to support in 2017, help to make Christmas a little more special for many children through their Christmas Toy Appeals.

In the previous year 2016,  thanks to corporate and community groups generous support, Family Action delivered over 5,500 toys to children facing difficult situations, when otherwise they might have had nothing.

In 2017 we donated 40 toys to both charities working in our local area.

A-T Society

A-T (Ataxia Telangiectasia) is a rare, genetic degenerative disease of childhood, which affects multiple systems of the human body.

A diagnosis of A-T comes as a huge shock. There are no indicators at birth and most children with A-T appear ‘seemingly healthy’ in line with their peers during the first year of life.

Health progressively deteriorates causing an overall loss of coordination and muscle control. Children are usually confined to a wheelchair by the second decade of life (around the age of 10) and will need assistance with everyday tasks. Children often lose their ability to write, speech becomes slower or slurred and reading becomes problematic due to difficulty in eye movement control.

A-T does not affect the mind. There are no learning difficulties linked to having A-T, and affected children and adults are neither intellectually nor socially impaired. Life span is shortened, usually by respiratory failure or cancer. A-T is life-limiting, with those affected generally living until their twenties.

There is currently no cure for A-T and no treatments to slow down or stop the progression of this devastating disease.

Action for A-T raises money for medical research to find a cure or medical advancement that will enable children who suffer with Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T) to live a longer and healthier life. The Administration team want to raise awareness of A-T and raise as money for Action for A-T as possible and continue to support the fantastic work AT for action carry out to support those affected with this rare condition and the ongoing support they provide to the families affected by the condition.

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